FINO Hard Multi-Coated Lenses are extremely thin and comfortable to wear. FINO is the solution to the people with active lifestyle seeking thin and durable lenses for perfect vision and aesthetics.

  • See Better with an aesthetic appeal.
  • Eliminate irritating reflections due to scratches.
  • Hard multi coat makes it easy to clean.
  • 100% UV protection.
  • EMI coating.




For Greater Comfort

FINO lenses are thinner compared to the standard CR 39 lenses. This makes it aesthetically pleasing and gives the wearer a better look.


For Durability

FINO lenses have superior Hard Multi coating. This makes the lenses scratch resistant, durable and comfortable.


For Clear Vision

The Premium Multi Coating makes the lenses stronger and more durable.


UV 400 Protection

FINO lenses are 100% UV protected hence giving you complete protection from harmful UV rays emitted by the Sun.

* Available in all Fino Lenses except 1.50 Fino HMC


EMI Coating

EMI stands for Electro Magnetic Interference. Fino lenses come
with EMI coating. This feature prevents the eyes from unwanted
glares emitted by the computer, T.V. etc.

* Available in 1.56, 1.60 ASP & 1.67 ASP Fino Lenses