Fino SafeX


Safex Lens – Tough to Break

Safe-X spectacle lenses are high impact resistant, hence more durable and are less likely to break than any other regular material like plastic or polycarbonate. A smart choice for people in active lifestyle, high on safety jobs and for children.
Due to the high tensile strength of Safe-X lenses it is easier to drill and mount the lens for making rimless frame fitting.


Available with Satin relief coating:

  • Blocks the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices
  • Protects eyes from eye strain, inflammation (redness), blurry vision and headache.
  • Provides UV 400 protection
  • Comes with superhydrophobic coating which makes the surface smoother and helps in easy cleaning and maintenance. This resists scratches and smudges on the lens surface.
  • This is ideal for people who are using computers or laptops since these devices emit blue light. Also recommendable for kids of the new age of e-learning.