Infrastructural Setup

Vision Rx Lab has its headquarters in Kolkata. Its large infrastructural set-up comprises 19 manufacturing labs, including digital labs, and 23 service centres that are spread across India. The Group currently exports lenses to 45 countries in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America. Its overseas branch offices in Dubai and Canada strengthen its efficient management of exports catering to this large international market.

Vision Rx Lab has a state-of-the art export hub in Gurgaon, located close to New Delhi International airport, which is fully dedicated to international operations.

Spread over 120,000 square feet, Vision Rx Lab Gurgaon has developed into a leading international operations facility lab. Equipped with latest cutting-edge technology in digital surfacing, coating, tinting and remote edging from Europe, the lab produces the best lenses that conform to ISO and CE standards.